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If you’re considering working with our Chichester based web design agency and would like to find out how much our web design costs, fill out easy to use instant estimate form and we’ll give you a guide to how much investment you will need to build your website.

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Technology is growing rapidly and we keep up to date with the latest here. In this day and age, we don't need to create each page one by one. Content Management Systems make it easier for programmers to create post types / content types these can display different pages in the same layout so if you have 100 services you want to display on your site why would you pay for 100 pages when we can create a custom template for you to add as many as you wish. 

If you have not already why don't you check out our post about Content Managment Systems here.

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Before you start, however, there are a few things that you should consider. Right off the bat, you need to think about your CMS, and whether you want WordPress, Drupal or Magento as your content management system. Also, consider whether you want E-Commerce functionality. Check out our handy post here to help decide this.


Have a think about your content types. Does your new site need testimonials to build the confidence of your customers, information about your services, or a portfolio to show off your work? Perhaps you require all three.


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Consider all of these aspects when filling out our form and we’ll take everything into account and give you an estimate. Remember though, all of our websites are unique and bespoke so the estimate is just that, a rough price guide. Use it get a better insight into the cost of your project.