Hugo & Hudson

Hugo & Hudson was born out of frustration that we couldn’t find certain dog products on the market where premium high-quality products were matched with the latest fashion trends.

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The Brief

Hugo & Hudson is a luxury brand and wanted a luxury website to fit along side this. They also found that on average 20% of returns were due to incorrect sizing of collars and harnesses. If we could decrease this then they would instantly gain 20% revenue yearly without the additional conversions with a faster loading website.

  • Fast loading under 2s.

  • Interactive size guides.

  • Showcasing collections of products.

  • Easy for the team to edit.

  • Including lifestyle imagery.

  • Fully responsive.

The Project

This project started with wireframes which would showcase good UX. We then took these wireframes and added designs which were luxurious with brands like Burberry and Ralph Lauren as inspiration.

We created an interactive size guide which allowed users to measure their dog with a simple credit card. The idea was to see how many cards went around the dogs neck. The user would insert these and their ideal size was shown.

The client’s current website was in Shopify, this was a system they knew well and wanting to keep using. So we kept the admin the same but built a bespoke theme with SEO in mind.

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