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Spreading good vibes only. Vegan chocolate spreads and seasonal treats which are 100% plant-based & sustainably sourced.

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  • Shopify Partner

  • WordPress Expert

  • Laravel Artisan

  • Vue.js Lover

  • Google Master

The Brief

Mindful bites already had a Shopify store but it needed an upgrade, the client had knowledge of changing bits on Shopify but needed an expert to do it the best way for Google which would increase performance and conversions. We completed the following tasks with custom code and minimal apps which meant our customer wasn’t paying for multiple subscriptions every month.

  • Adding Reviews.

  • Including a gift messages.

  • Changing the website performance from C to A.

  • Creating a easy to edit block within products

  • Creating new collection pages for ease off navigation.

  • Easy to update content without needing a developer in the future.

The Project

For this project, it was essential that we did not change the current website theme too much and that we continued to use the original developers previous code for minimal impact to the users performance. 

We were provided with a SEO audit from another agency with implementations to increase the websites performance score on mobile and desktop.

We created a bespoke block area within the product admin so our client could update with ease without having to pay for additional developers time.

Overall we were happy with the outcome and the client saw an increase in orders from day one.

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