Phase 1- Design

Any web agency worth its salt will tell you that to create your own website you need time, effort, and expertise; it’s not an overnight project. Even though we produce low-cost websites, we put in 110% every time to help our clients achieve their ideal website. To do this we follow four phases to maximise efficiency in terms of time and cost.

This is the design of your website, created from scratch by one of our designers. It’s the first stage and only 35% of the overall cost. At the end of phase one, we will deliver: the design of the site and all subsequent pages in PDF format to be signed off for the development phase.

Phase 2- Development

This is the stage in which the site is developed and coded into a fully functioning website on our staging server behind a password. During this stage, only dummy content or limited content is used to demonstrate design, operation, and functionality. A second 35% is due at this stage.

Phase 3 – Content and Tweaks.

This is the stage in which we populate the site with the agreed content (within the scope of the requirements given in this proposal). For E-commerce projects, we will also populate products, shipping set up, and payment functionality within this phase. In the case of a website re-design, where applicable, we can source content from the previous site.

Phase 4 – Testing and launch

In this stage, we perform website interoperability and mobile testing (and in the cases where SEO optimisation is required, SEO optimisation will be performed alongside testing).

The final 30% is due at the end of phase 4 and the project is signed off to go live.

If our four-phase payment plan still looks a little daunting, we do also offer monthly payment solutions. Please get in touch to discuss more.