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Signet Locks

Signet was established in 1995. Back then our managing director Simon was designing revolutionary locks and delivering them to customers all around the UK. Signet quickly grew to become the trusted distributor it is today.

Signet Locks specialise in quality hardware for wooden and metal gates, including mechanical gate locks, digital locks and gate hinges.

Bulk Product and Order Import From Old Store

The Problem

  • Signet locks were using a system which was at least five years old.
  • Exporting clients orders became a struggle on a daily basis.
  • The reporting system did not quite exceed their expectations since growing over the last few years.
  • Poor category structure resulted in low ranking on search engines.
  • Their site also looked and felt outdated.

The Solution

We worked together on deciding which would be the best platform for Signet to switch to. Woocommerce was the platform of choice because we felt this was the best way to handle bulk importing of products with multiple variations. Using a bulk importer tool called WP All-Import we were able to compile a spreadsheet for all products and their variations using a custom formula. We also had to bear in mind that the previous orders, line items, and users needed to be imported too. To do this we exported all client data securely then imported into WordPress and sent an email to each user to reset their password securely.

Woocommerce has a brilliant permalink area which will allow you to categorise URLs correctly without duplicating content. With this in mind, we managed to successfully change the category structure.

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