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Storm Fitness Academy

Formed in 2012, Storm Fitness Academy Ltd brings together a team of highly experienced health and fitness professionals to provide education and training in all aspects of the gym and fitness industry.

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The Problem

Storm Fitness Academy came to us because they had a custom website created in pure HTML. This made it incredibly hard to edit content on a regular basis and Storm wanted to start blogging to show their clients how to make the best of their fitness.

The Solution

Storm Fitness had already spent months getting the right brand and style for their website, meaning, understandably, they did not want to move away from their current design.

To ensure that we kept the design the same but made all content editable by Storm, rather than asking a developer, we created a custom theme and brought across all previous styles. To make the editing process even easier for Storm, we also added custom editable boxes to ensure all content could be separated into two or three column layouts. This provided Storm with much more flexibility to display their content.

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