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Vitacress supplies 20 million pots of living herbs and 60 million packs of fresh cut and bunched herbs per year.

Penny & Pepe was developed as an off-shoot of the Vitacress brand selling patches of grass for pets, they already had a brochure website displaying information to clients and directing them to businesses selling the Pet Grass.

We were first asked to take the current website and extend it to include a shop, the account area was only to be shown only to B2B (trade) users, you can read more about this project here.

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Katie knows the systems inside out and didn’t have any difficulties integrating an ecommerce site with our internal systems. Big thanks to Oli for bringing a little more life to our site/brand. Highly recommended team.

The Challenge

Once the e-commerce shop had been fully developed, the team decided the current method for displaying the shops supplying the product was not interactive enough. It also required the users to login to the system and manually add a new store each time they received an order.

This was a new project the budget was not huge it meant we needed to find the best solution that was quick, affordable and easy to use.

The Solution

After completing the initial shop project with the team we scheduled in the next phase of work and had a discovery meeting about what was required for the store finder to work.

We decided to keep the cost down we would use a store finder plugin and then extend it correctly ensuring any future updates to this plugin would not effect the work we had done.

So we decided on the software we’d use as it could display the stores information on the map allowing the frontend user to find the closet store to them.

This is a plugin we had used in the past and we knew it worked well,  the issue was we needed to automatically add the trade member’s addresses to the map if they had requested it during sign up.

The registration was using Gravity Forms which is a well know contact form handler within WordPress, this allowed the team to accept trade members once submitting to ensure the public were not accessing the products.

We then hooked into the form submission and if the person selected yes for the map we would then programatically add them into the store finder content type.

After testing was complete this went live on the website and has been a great success, saving time for both our client & their customers.

The Commercial Outcome

We are still collecting the data to show you how well we did from this success but due to Covid-19 we will have to wait a bit longer.

But what we can show you is how much we saved our client from having this built with third-party tools.

  • Total hours saved

    Saved our developers by using the above solutions.

  • £

    Total Client Savings

    We saved them this amount from using trusted third-party tools.

  • Cups of coffee

    This accounts to be 480 coffees.

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