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Integrating Orders & Brochure Requests with Netsuite using Drupal & WordPress.

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Alitex is a family business which started in 1952 by the Hall family, they believe in creating the very best looking Victorian greenhouses that are functional havens for plants and people.

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When our receptionist is on holiday it has saved a lot of time for the people covering. Our receptionist has also been able to focus on improving our office procedures and taken over managing the online chat function Let’s Get Coffee recently installed for us.

The Challenge

Alitex wanted to speed up the process for managing brochure requests online.

The form takes a lot of information and rather than someone having to manually input them all, a simpler solution was for it to be automated. This saves time and also reduces the risk of human error.

Alitex also has another company which takes online payments. The team wanted to see reports within Netsuite of the most popular line items being sold.

The Solution

After our initial discovery meeting it was clear that manually entering information into Netsuite was becoming a painful and unnecessary experience.

Alitex ran into issues with inserting manual data especially when it can to manually inserting cash sales within Netsuite.

So, we started to put a plan in place.

Our lead developer started to get to work by researching Netsuites developer documentation, it was a system we had not used before. After finding out the details we needed to create a Auth token to use the software with separate websites.

After many tests; we hit different hurdles which mainly were as the company had a previous developer setup Netsuite so it was not the same as per online documentation but that did not fault us as we are debugging masters and managed to find the right solution to our problem.

We needed to manually lookup via an API for the product and pull back the ID’s into the system as long as the names were the same this meant all sales were correctly passed to Netsuite.

After this we then implemented the same into Alitex which is built in Drupal so we needed to make tweaks to the plugin to ensure it was using Drupal’s standards.

Now when a user requests a brochure the team get an email and the entry is automatically added into Netsuite, if the user has already been added we created a condition to add some text in the email to the team to let them know the user had already submitted in the past.

The Commercial Outcome

We asked Alitex how often the manual entries were being inserted and they said.

Depending on the day, it can save an hour or two – especially after a busy weekend.

  • Employees Time Saved

    Time saved over a year – how much could your team be doing with this time?

  • %

    Total Profit on Investment

    Based on minimum wage per hour (£7.90) – over 100% profit margin in the first year.

  • Cups of coffee

    This accounts to be 809 coffees over 1 year, if that’s what you plan to spent the profit on!

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