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Tudor Rose is a Gatwick approved parking operator. It was the first “Valet Parking Company” to be awarded the ParkMark® award for their top level security from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

We loved working on this project it was the perfect balance between challenging and rewarding. The team a Tudor Rose were perfect to work with.

Katie Lacy – Co Founder

The Challenge

Tudor Rose had a previous website which took online bookings but was outdated and not user friendly for the frontend or backend user.

The website was made using Joomla and had not been updated for quite sometime.

The owner was concerned as the site would sometimes go down for a day or two which could cost him approximately 20K in bookings.

Tudor Rose had a budget in mind and went to many different agencies, some were a higher price, some much lower. The team needed the reassurance of a company who had worked on complex projects previously and who could provide a website with an enhanced booking system that allows the team to update with ease.

The Solution

After our initial discovery meeting it was clear that the current website had many features which needed to come across. To offer a solution we gave the lead project manager two options in a quote one was for a fully bespoke booking system which we would code from scratch without using third-party tools which became over the budget required.

Another option within the required budget but used fully trusted third-party plugins that were made by Woo-commerce themselves such as this booking system.

This is what our client decided to do so we then needed to extend the plugin using WordPress’s hooks and filters to make a fully enhanced booking system capable of minimum charges for daily parkings and allowed users to use a frontend quote form to then proceed to a multi-step checkout which offers additional extras to the user.

The team at Tudor needed to export order’s daily to add them into a CRM in the office. We created a CSV which could be manually exported and contained the correct table headers.

The Commercial Outcome

The results were off the charts! Our client was over the moon with the ROI and this collection on data was compared to last year when there was no covid-19 around and not as many people going abroad.

  • %

    Total ROI

    Our clients return on investment over a year.

  • %

    Bounce Rate Decreased By

    Bounce rate compared to last year.

  • Cups of coffee

    This accounts to be 15,000 coffee’s over 1 year if that’s what you plan to spent the profit on!

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