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Really Wild employ unique individuals with the very best bushcraft/survival qualifications and experience to help students learn.

Their approach is powerful and has proven to make a real impact on participant’s lives. Offering progression of learning that enables them to develop into outstanding individuals who consistently demonstrate a greater personal potential and even a propensity to lead.

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It’s a simplified process which makes the whole booking and preparation process smoother. We can then focus on our customer service and going the extra mile for the students rather than nagging them about paperwork.

The Challenge

Really Wild were collecting registration submissions by teachers on a daily basis over a week this would cost the team a day a week (8 hours) manually requesting these documents by teachers & students.

Really Wild required an intranet for the teachers to comply with safeguarding.

Students and parents could then access the latest information online and teachers could collate information and then share it internally with students.

A requirement was to find a way of simply sharing files with the teachers & students, securely, rather than through various emails or post.

The Solution

After our initial discovery meeting it was clear that manually sharing information with students and teachers was a problem.

Really Wild ran into so many issues such as outdated forms being used or sent to teachers, also the data was being handled was not being encrypted.

So, we started to put a plan in place.

Starting by creating a login dashboard for teachers and students, we did this by extending the Woocommerce ‘My Account’ area, the frontend user would then not have to login to more than once.

Within the admin we created a unique section on the course information which contained access to folders within Really Wild’s Google Drive, as they were already paying for the Google service it made sense for them to continue it and it would not cost them another monthly subscription. Google Drive is also encrypted so this meant it solved two main problems for them.

Once the user has been setup on the system and had courses assigned to them, Really Wild could select the document folder required for that user from the Google Drive. This would then give access to all the necessary documents to teachers & students, allowing them to re-print if required.

Once creating this section the last piece of the puzzle was to allow the teachers to upload their own documents onto Google Drive securely. So, within there dashboard we created an upload area which allowed the teachers only to upload files onto a dedicated Google Drive folder which the team could access at any where and at any time.

The Commercial Outcome

The results were off the charts! Our client was over the moon with the ROI and we have been working on many projects since as well as meeting for coffees.

  • Employee’s Time Saved

    Time saved over a year – how much could your team be doing with this time?

  • %

    Total Profit

    Based on minimum wage per hour (£7.90) – over 100% profit margin.

  • Cups of coffee

    This accounts to be 490 coffees over 1 year, if that’s what you plan to spent the profit on!

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