We regularly have clients approaching us who need support once their site is live, it’s very important to have support alongside your website in case of any issues arise especially when your website is generating profit and sales. Keeping user data secure is a must and with updates, to plugins or extensions, you need to keep on top of these. Sometimes it can be easy to miss an update so we have created a support package which with our help we can ensure that those updates happen as well as providing you with immediate support if something goes wrong. We can work together as an extension to your team providing access to our support panel, email alerts when your site goes down and ensure you are fully secure using our firewall.

We have created bundles to help our clients get the most out of these packages without being tied to a service which is not quite right for them. We also deliver bespoke packages upon request we do this by sitting down with a cup of coffee or tea and discuss your business needs to expand and grow, please enquire today if you would like to find out more.

Each package provided you with access to our experienced team, ensuring we are working as an extension of your business.

Usually, a start-up business will require an initial plan putting in place to help get the business off the ground. Our Business Starter Package is ideal for this as it includes aspects such as brand identity and logo development, web design and development.

All packages have no fixed term contract you will only need to provide a months notice to cancel, so you needn’t worry about signing up for the long term if it’s not right for you.

Take a look at our support bundle below to see what is included on a monthly basis, Then click the enquire button to get one of our team to contact you. But first, put the kettle on enjoy a coffee and take your time to process the next steps to your business with Let’s Get Coffee.