About Device Pilot

Device Pilot is a universal cloud-based software service allowing you to easily locate, monitor and manage your connected devices at scale, with proactive management of the entire device lifecycle.

The Brief

Device Pilot’s current site felt outdated and didn’t outline the product they were offering to their clients. They also wanted to update the website with ease. The current site they were using did not have a content management system meaning they had to contact a developer every time they needed to update their content.

The Project

We reviewed customers goals and specifications and using these we discussed the best way to meet expectations, laying out a sketch of the new site.

Using the initial sketch we went back to DP to discuss each task and ensure we both were happy with the project route. We then created a draft mockup template.

Our final product was produced and the customer was ecstatic to see the result. To get a look and feel of the overall layout, view this awesome site. We created a custom theme using the latest technologies, allowing the client to update content with ease using custom fields. Creating flexible content repeated throughout the site to allow DP to create WordPress pages with different templates.